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by Nigel Malden

One of my niche areas of practice involves defense and prosecution of invasion of privacy claims arising from public disclosure of private, confidential information, illegal audio or video recordings, and theft of electronic data from phones, computers and other electronic devices.  This article summarizes the origins and elements of privacy invasion claims in Washington state.

Our Washington State constitution provides for open courts and open government.  This article discusses your right to request governmental agencies produce public records and, alternatively, your right to block the government from releasing private, confidential data about you in certain circumstances.

This article discusses the right to expunge arrest records and vacate or seal criminal court records under Washington law which provides second chances for eligible offenders.  

If you are fired, laid off or forced to quit your job, you may be entitled to unemployment compensation while you search for a new job.  This article explains the meaning of "misconduct" and the difference between voluntary and involuntary resignations under the law.

The right to free speech is guarenteed by our state and federal constitutions, but the right to defame another, is not.  This article explains the elements of a defamation claim, the distinction between public and private figures, and potential damages and defenses.  

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